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Your computer not working like it used to?  Error messages keep popping up?  Let us help you!

Basic Computer Troubleshooting

  • Spyware and Virus Removal: We know all the latest viruses and spyware and how to get them off your computer quickly - without losing your data!
  • Microsoft and Other Critical Updates: Install all the critical updates to make sure that you are running the most secure system possible
  • Troubleshoot Error Messages: We diagnose and fix any errors your computer may have.
  • Data Recovery and Backup: We can help recover and backup your critical data
  • Tune-up: Your computer will be running better than ever after a tune-up
  • Troubleshoot Peripheral Devices: Problems with printers, scanners or MP3 players?  Let us help!

Advanced Hardware and Software Installation

  • Hard Drive Installation/Replacement: We can install your new hard drive and back up your old data for you
  • Video Card Installation: Whether your video card is bad, needs an upgrade or you are switching to dual monitors, we can install it quickly for you.
  • Software Upgrades/Installation: Let us install your new software and make sure that it works with your devices
  • Laptop Hardware Repair: Laptop keyboards, screens, DC power jacks . . . we install them all.
  • Network Card Installation: We can replace your network card
  • Connect and Install Peripheral Devices: Printers, scanners, MP3 players, faxes, sewing machines - let us install them and save you the headache.

Networking and Wiring

  • Data Wiring: From small 1 jack jobs, to whole building networking, we can do it all.
  • Wireless Networking: We will setup a wireless network that works for your home or business
  • Network Troubleshooting: Internet go down?  Can't print to the network printer?  Call us!
  • File and Print Sharing: Network your home or office to work more efficiently with a print and file share
  • Server Setup: LINUX, Windows Server

Home Theater Installation

  • Surround Sound Installation: Bring the theater home with surround sound
  • TV Mounting and Setup: Let us mount your flat screen, hide the cables, and clean up
  • Home Theater Wiring: Wire all your devices to work together and be neatly hidden away

Self Diagnostic Tools

  • Use our tools to help yourself!
  • We share the great tools and easy shortcuts we use on a daily basis
  • All FREE for your use